Are You Craving Real Mexican Fare?

Are You Craving Real Mexican Fare?

Our recipes are the real deal

Don Luis owner, Luis, brought from Mexico his passion for cooking and his family's authentic recipes. He and his wife started their restaurant 17 years ago as a labor of love for their community - to offer true Mexican cuisine and delicious non-Mexican meals. This family-owned and operated establishment prides itself on being a place where fine-dining meets friendly, personable service.

How about a juicy, steamy burger or steak?

How about a juicy, steamy burger or steak?

We'll grill you the best in town

Not everyone is in the mood for tacos. No need to go to two separate restaurants! Don Luis also whips up spectacular non-Mexican dishes that will leave you full, satisfied and coming back for more. From juicy steaks to perfectly prepared burgers, Don Luis can make your taste buds dance with happiness. Don't forget the steaming baked potato to complete your meal!

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